Who are we?

A charity which acts as a channel to send resources (money and materials) to organisations and individuals whom God has inspired to minister in their own Developing Countries.

A group of friends who aim to make a difference and bring glory to the Lord through our work together.

A charity with 5 distinctives:

1. We only support specifically Christian ministries, all of which are holistic in nature.

2. Most of those we support work in the country of birth and all are personally known to one or more Trustees

3. 100% of donations made to AMEN is used to support partners and projects with no deductions being made.

4. All the AMEN team ( including the Trustees) are unpaid volunteers and pay their own way on any ministry trips.

5. Support is not just financial but also includes personal contact and visits, spiritual encouragement and practical advice. We aim to have a real and genuine partnership and close friendships with those we support.


Where are we going?

God continues to open up new opportunities both for partnerships and one off “GO” (God Opportunity) projects.

The work of all our partners is developing and growing – their ministries are clearly anointed.

God seems to be entrusting us with more work to be done for Him.

God seems to be encouraging us, where possible, to develop long term self sustainability in our partners through micro / business enterprise activities and development of indigenous support

How to get there?

We believe that the foundation of the way forward for AMEN is prayer and to follow Biblical principles. At every Trustees meeting we spend 2 or 3 hours praying for our partners. Prayer changes situations and opens doors and we would ask you to join us in this. Most of the newsletters from our partners identify prayer needs – please support them in this way.

We are currently praying for more major donors. This does not mean that we do not greatly appreciate all the donations we receive. But some of our partners are at key points in their ministries where a substantial cash injection would make a huge difference. Please join with us in praying for this high level of support.

Although financial support is always likely to be a major part of the support we ask for from people and provide to our partners, we increasingly are finding ways to provide our partners with gifts in kind. This is obviously easiest for partners in Europe where the distance to travel is least, but can be applied to other countries as well. Recent initiatives include the Shoebox Scheme, Computers to Manna Church in Romania, Sports equipment to HUB in Serbia to be used for outreach activities, study books to SEMI in India.

We plan to run more trips for supporters in to visit our partners and to experience both the challenges and joys of what God is directing them to do in His name. People cannot but be changed and inspired and motivated by these trips.

We aim to hold a supporters day each year where we can meet supporters and tell them first hand what is happening and get their ideas for effective ways to develop AMEN.

We aim to produce more DVDs showing the work of our partners both to be downloadable from this web site but also to be distributed on disc so that individuals and churches can get a first hand experience of the situation with many partners.