El Shadai






The El-Shadai children’s home was started on 31st May 1997, by Rev Joseph Paul.

Ministry Overview
The primary aim of our home and the trust is to provide improved standards of living and rehabilitation for children, who have been neglected, abused or orphaned. Our emphasis is on Christian love, care, shelter, food clothing and a good education – all these things are vital for providing a good future for them.

The El-Shadai family
The El-Shadai children’s home presently has 40 children staying at the home, a further 16 children are away doing higher studies, whilst some are continuing college or other technical training courses locally. They provide food, clothing, shelter and education for the children. Whilst they are able to cherish their childhood days in the home, this is in stark contrast to the terrible and shocking conditions from which they have been rescued.

Young people are clearly the future for the nation, but sadly girls, as opposed to boys, remain vulnerable and neglected by society at large in India. Girls are often discarded, exploited for begging, prostitution, pornography, physical abuse and can even be sold into forced labour by their parents and relatives.

El-Shadai have resolved to step in and try to change the gloomy, desperate and distressing situation that they are faced with daily, by providing hope and a brighter, more joyful future for these needy children.


Support for children
El Shadai’s aim to provide as normal life as possible for the children, but they cannot do this without financial support. It costs about £25 to £30, for each child, per month– which includes education, food, clothes and shelter. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.




Pastoral care
El-Shadai have their own church on site and work with local village pastors and their families on a regular basis. They also visit Christian families in local villages and try to encourage them in their faith and stand for Christ.