David McGuire Outreach, Romania

Initially Dave's ministry was repairing and building houses for the poor. However, over the past few years, his ministry has grown to village outreach and church planting.

Together with Pilu, the pastor of Manna church, he is mentoring and encouraging people to take on the role of pastors in several village churches. He also has a vision for future church plants in at least three more villages.

Dave has written,

"The church members in Secueini are very hungry for more of God's word. So, we have started a Bible study there. I have a passion to start many more Bible studies in the villages and am looking forward to God's leading as to how this should be done."


Football outreach
Youth Outreach Concert
Arora Bible Study
Streeet evangelism outside supermarket



“A Work in Progress”, by Dave McGuire. This is the amazing true story of how God took a roofer living in Glossop and changed him into a pastor and evangelist in the middle of Transylvania , Romania. Dave McGuire grew up as “one of the lads”, living a life of pubs, football, stealing, swearing, drinking, etc. If he had a goal it was to become as rich as possible. But God had a hand on his life even then, protecting Dave from himself. As you read this book you can see that there were many times when Dave has had to surrender his personal desires to follow the direction God had for him. Without doubt Dave’s story shows what exciting events can happen when a person says “yes” to the call of God. Available at Amazon.