Gift Catalogue

AMEN Gift CatalogueWe are pleased to launch the new 2018-19 Gift Catalogue. This is the twelfth year that the scheme has been operating and many thousands of pounds have been raised to help our partners. A big thank you to all our supporters who have made this possible.

Although mostly used at Christmas, gifts from previous catalogues have been given as birthday presents, wedding presents, and presents for other special events.,

The new catalogue contains a mixture of old favourites and new gifts. Click here to download a copy.

Old favourites are Maternity Kits, Pakistan Widows, School Bags and Nigerian School Equipment

Two new gifts have been introduced which we believe will be very popular.

When going out to remote villages and in school talks, puppets are a very visual way of presenting the message. We have already sent over 40 puppets to be used in India but there is a need for many more.

In poor Romanian villages, many houses do not have electricity and rely on oil lamps or candles as sources of light. Because there are often large families living in a single room, there is a risk of fire caused by candles or lamps being knocked over. Our partner Dave McGuire reports that there are several houses burnt down each year in villages surrounding Sighisoara. Solar powered lights improve the level of light and are safe.

Gifts may be purchased by completing the form on the catalogue and sending it with a cheque to 79 North Road, Dartford, Kent DA1 3ND.