Welcome to AMEN

AMEN is a conduit for channelling resources to many overseas Christians working to make a difference in their own countries.

  • An Indian Couple transforming lives of the most disadvantaged in Indian society.
  • Nigerians helping churches provide AIDs support in Nigeria
  • A Filipino Pastor working with High School kids in a very tough area of Manila.

These and many other AMEN partners across the world are serving God and their communities. As you will see from this web site – these partners are seeing amazing things happen.

We invite you to become an AMEN supporter and to help this work to grow.

AMEN Trustees are always willing to come to visit groups and churches to talk about the work of our partners and to encourage you with exciting stories of what our God is doing.

From time to time we have visits to the UK by our partners and this represents an opportunity for you to hear first hand how God is leading them and the challenges and opportunities which they have where they are working.

If you wish to have a visit from an AMEN representative and/or one of our partners, please contact Chris Chatfield – chrischatfield@hotmail.com

We also normally take trips to India and Romania each year. These trips are led by one or more AMEN Trustees who are very familiar  with these countries. These trips are geared towards small groups, so numbers are limited. If you are interested in going on a trip please contact Chris Chatfield –  chrischatfield@hotmail.com

Gareth and Malou Bolton and the AMEN Trustees

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