Verity Films and Communications,(Caroline), India

Reginald and Caroline
Caroline and Reginald

AMEN’s founder, Gareth Bolton, met Caroline and her late husband Reginald in 1995, when they had made their first video “The Stain”.  They became the inspiration to launch AMEN.

 Caroline and Reginald went on to produce award winning TV programmes.

 Throughout the years AMEN has continued to support this ministry and it has been amazing to see how God has taken such small beginnings and grown them to what they are today.

 The work started in their home state of Tamil Nadhu – as we see the work grow into other states and many other Indian languages it is exciting to see how God will guide and direct them in the future.

 In 2005 VFC, (Verity Films and Communication) embarked on a new bold venture, the  production of  a documentary on the life of Bishop Caldwell, a man who had a tremendous impact on the spread of the Gospel in India in the 19th century. Filming was undertaken in India and Scotland, and the film launched in 2006.
Sadly Reginald died of cancer in 2017. However, Caroline continues to run VFC.
Mahaan was the first biographical Christian film ever produced by Indians and made an enormous impact in both India and further afield. It is true to say that this resulted in international recognition of the work of VFC.
 Children are discovered with stolen eggs
A scene from the Stain. VfC’s first ever film. Children are caught stealing eggs – they are caught – they repent and seek forgiveness -which they receive. A model of the forgiveness that comes from Jesus.
Jolly Time
Filming of Jolly Time – an immensely successful childrens TV series. 256 Gospel episodes shown on secular TV. Puppets were used a lot to deliver the message.
Editing in VFC home studio
Editing in VFC home studio


The first ever film in the Desia language of Orissa State. Caroline described their reaction as similar to how the first people to see projected images must have reacted.

07 Village Watchers 2
Showing films about Jesus in a Hindu village