Jeyakar and Rani

Jeyakar and Rani live in Chennai, India. Not only has Gareth (AMEN founder) known Rani for 35 years but two of the AMEN trustees have also known them for many years. AMEN has recently started to partner with them to support their work

They have a significant ministry among the poor, sharing God’s love and running ladies’ sewing classes, children’s education classes and much more.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, they were busy helping those in extreme poverty who were badly affected by the lockdown. With support from AMEN, Jeyakar and Rani were able to provide emergency food aid and vital medical supplies.

One of these girls is orphan and her grandmother was taking care of her. After the death of her grandmother she didn’t have anyone to take care of her. She didn’t have any food to eat or any place to stay. One of her uncles brought her to his home with the condition of she has to pay for her food and stay. She was so depressed and very calm. After coming to the sewing class, she came to know about Christ. The Lord delivered her from fear and anxiety. She is a joyous person and learned the sewing well. Her hope flourished when we gave her a machine. She thanked us and said, “now I can face my future. I can pay for my food and stay”.

We gave sewing machines to two young girls. One is tortured by her stepmother and her children. She was in depression and wanted to commit suicide. But through the sewing class and by our counselling she came to know Christ. When we gave her this sewing machine she was so joyful and shouted, saying ‘now no one will beat me, now I can earn money and can help others’. With tears she thanked us.