Tender Heart – more on the Covid-19 Response

On the 8th of April Tender Heart Foundation provided over 210 groceries sets to underprivileged families in 12 different locations.

We were able to provide provisions to families who depend on daily wagers and are stranded at constriction site, widows with children, widows who are alone, parents with disabled children and the elderly people.

While distributing the groceries we heard heart breaking stories of people who literally did not have anything and were desperately looking for food.

We want to thank well-wishers of Tender Heart for your timely help. We are glad we are able to help families in need.

Since the COVID-19 crisis, Tender Heart Foundation has stepped in to provide relief by providing groceries to hungry families. To-date 350 (families) grocery sets have been delivered.  See slideshow below.

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Thank You

Francis and Alison

Tender Heart

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