Perspective Danes Covid-19 Update

A big thank you from Perspective (AMEN partner) to everyone who has donated to the food appeal for the poor:

For the kids and families from our programs, who live in poverty, it is not easy! For the ones who used to make an income from the landfill, they cannot do this anymore because of the new regulations for the COVID-19 virus and there are no daily jobs for them either.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so that we could organise this action, of being able to give food to those in poverty.  We are also grateful because God gave us favour with a local business who decided to be part with us to make a difference in people’s lives in this difficult season!

So far, 176 bags with food and hygiene products done and almost all delivered! And for Friday already ordered 200 food packages! So altogether, we are able to do 376 food bags. God is good!  See picture slideshow below:

Food 1b
food 3
food bags
food packages a
food packages b
giving out food a
giving out food b
Liviu with food bags
Food 1a
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