David McGuire Response to Covid-19

I want to thank Jesus for his goodness and provision

March 30th 2020

85 families have been blessed with food at a couple of villages and at the church. Many were prayed for healing and a lady gave her heart to the Lord. 

 We also provided 35 families bags of food distributed by local Romanians where a man was led to Jesus. Praise the Lord, many other healings and encouragements for people in Christ happened.

 March 31st 

Another 44 families and 2 villages were blessed today with bags of food. Again we were encouraged in praying for the sick. Praise the lord.

 April 1st 

Today 150 families in 3 villages were blessed with food, prayer and encouragement in Christ Jesus with 3 church teams helping to distribute and serve. We once again prayed for many sick who testified to feeling better after prayer. 


Praise the Lord for answers to prayer. All provision comes from the Lord.

 Many other villages need food at this time. Churches are helping the poor whom I am working with to help.

 All giving has been with local town mayors and police in some places giving there ok, although with caution but not fear. We have been able to bless and move quickly to help while we still can.

Even the cash and carry place where we buy food from has been asking for prayer and seeing God’s reality in this work.

 With more financial help we will be able respond to more ongoing needs and other villages in the coming days

 May Jesus Christ be glorified in all this good testimony with love and unity through the body of Christ!


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