Child Sponsorship

Tender Heart is the ministry of husband and wife team Francis and Alison Pidigu. Their vision is to see the “untouchables” of Indian society, the Dalits, given hope for the future.
Francis and Alison are seeing amazing changes in the children who attend the four Day Care Centres they operate.



In order to expand the work to meet an enormous need, they are looking to raise more sponsorship for the children.

 This is an opportunity to make a real difference to the life of a child and their family.

 Tender Heart will care for and educate them. £12.00 a month will cover books, transport, lunch and basic pre-school teaching. This is the only way these slum children will be permitted to go to normal state schools and get an education. For some families this offers a hope which they never thought would be possible – they are often amazed at how intelligent their young children are!

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