Companion with the Poor, (Winston Pinzon), Philippines

My name is Winston Pinzon and I would like to introduce you to my family and the work which the Lord Jesus Christ has called me to do in the slums of Manilla. I am married to Jannette, a lecturer at the University of Philippines, and have three children, Asher, Anya, and Ariel.  I have […]

Child Sponsorship

Tender Heart is the ministry of husband and wife team Francis and Alison Pidigu. Their vision is to see the “untouchables” of Indian society, the Dalits, given hope for the future. Francis and Alison are seeing amazing changes in the children who attend the four Day Care Centres they operate.     In order to […]

Verity Films and Communications,(Caroline), India

AMEN’s founder, Gareth Bolton, met Caroline and her late husband Reginald in 1995, when they had made their first video “The Stain”.  They became the inspiration to launch AMEN.  Caroline and Reginald went on to produce award winning TV programmes.  Throughout the years AMEN has continued to support this ministry and it has been amazing […]

ELION Media Ministry, (Sasko and Ira), Serbia

Elion Media Ministry, is a non-profitable Christian interdenominational organization from Belgrade, Serbia. We are registered as: Citizens’ Association for promoting moral and ethical values based on traditional Christian principles, both in the public and private life, ELION.  We started our ministry in 2007, and were registered in March 2010.    Sasko and Ira Bogeski have […]

Shalom Christian Centre, (Edwin & Suraya), Pakistan

  Edwin (shown here with his wife Suraya) is the director of Shalom Christian Centre, a great testimony in a country where Christians are generally poor and marginalised.  AMEN has been able to help with some specific donations towards building projects and we have great respect for the work which Edwin and his colleagues are […]

Grace & Light, (Tassie Ghata), Nigeria

Grace and Light International is a Christian organisation which was formed in March 2003 by Mark Hopkins.  The vision is to see the transforming grace and power of the gospel of Christ spread through Africa, especially in overcoming the AIDS/HIV epidemic, as openness about HIV status defeats the culture of stigmatisation and secrecy.  Spiritual fellowship […]

Village Missionary Movement, (David, Santhosh and Anand), India

The Village Missionary Movement was started in 1996 in a village named Kokkalanchery near Virudhunagar in Tamilnadu.  Brother David Ganesan (centre), the founder and director of this ministry, got the burden for this ministry in 1995 when he saw a vision in which Jesus Christ was weeping for the salvation of the people who lived […]

Mission Field House, (Naphtali), Nigeria

Our ministry is called “Mission Field House” – We are committed to evangelism and discipleship, church revival and planting where necessary and meeting the needs of less privileged ones. Naphtali is a part of the team at Mission Field House.  Mission Station – Niger State Naphtali and a team of missionaries started a mission station […]

David McGuire Outreach, Romania

Initially Dave’s ministry was repairing and building houses for the poor. However, over the past few years, his ministry has grown to village outreach and church planting. Together with Pilu, the pastor of Manna church, he is mentoring and encouraging people to take on the role of pastors in several village churches. He also has […]