SEMI Covid -19 Response


We just want to thank AMEN for making this food kit distribution possible. It was great time to feed the needy in Trivandrum and SEMI had the privilege to do that with the help of AMEN.  Today (25/4/2020) we distributed the kit to 65 people at SEMI building. The local people were from different caste and religion.

The kit contained:

1) Rice     2) Sugar 3) Tea Powder   4) Oil
5) Chili Powder   6) Coriander Powder 7) Salt   8) Pappadam
9) Bath soap 10) Washing soap 11) Wheat flour

The kit contained food necessary for the next 3 weeks for a family.


1)     LEELA ASHOKHAN( age:69, widow): Before the lockdown I used to work at 2 houses to generate income to live, but when the pandemic have stricken it was very difficult for me even buy necessary provisions for my family. I thank SEMI for helping our family in this time of need and I thank Lord for hearing my prayer. ( pic 1)


2)     SUHAIRA MUHAMAD (age: 64, widow): My husband was a street vendor, he died in the beginning of this year. It was a big tragedy for me as no one was there to provide me with the necessary things for my living as our son left us 20 years ago. I am really thankful towards SEMI for helping me in this stage of my life. (pic 2)


3)     MOHANAN (age: 45, security): I was mentally and financially broken because I lost my job before the lockdown. I didn’t have money to feed my kids. Now SEMI was there foe us as a helping hand and we are so happy and thankful to Jesus. (pic 3)


4)     ESTHER MARY (age: 56, housewife) : I am so thankful towards SEMI for providing the necessary provision for my family in this time of need. I prayed to the Lord by faith to provide my family the daily needs, and I am so happy that God listened my prayer and opened a door through SEMI. (pic 4)


There are lot more testimonies like this and we are so happy to help them in this difficult time. We are so much thankful towards AMEN for the help you have provided in this time.

The situation is really bad here not in the case of the infected ones but as the whole state is locked down for nearly 40+ days there is no job for people. As they can’t generate income they are not able to buy necessities for living.

Still there are a lot more people who badly needed help now. We kindly ask you to consider our request to provide more food kits and distribute them to the rest who are in need. If there are any possibilities please let us know.

With Prayer & Blessings

Roy & Ponna

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